NSP - Agropyron





Synonym: Elymus repens, Elytrigia repens.

Common name: Couch grass, Twitch grass, witch grass.

Ecol. & Biol.: Perennial.

Root: sharply pointed branched somewhat fleshy yellowish rhizomes, 1-3 mm in diameter.

Stem: long jointed growing 20- 100 cm tall, erect, glabrous,

Leaves: greenish grey upto 15 mm wide. Inflorescence: bright lanceolate, flower - purplish, small, sepals shorter than petals, slowly narrowed and sharp, approx. 6 mm Ion. hairs, looks like breadless wheat, florets are awnless or with short straight awnes

Flowering time: May - August.



Distribution: Widely spread in cereals and uncropped area and alternate fallow fields. Found throughout Mongolia, except Gobi-desert. Serves as main fodder for horses- It creates competition in early stages crop growth.

Control measures: Integrated approach using cultural, mechanical and herbicides like glyphosate is required for a season long control. Efficiency of post-emergence translocated herbicides can be improved by applying at most susceptible growth stage. Surfactants and using high pressure nozzles with small droplet size can further help to reduce herbicide doses in fallow fields. Management of this weed in alternate fallow fields is important by integrating deep tillage and herbicides.


Countries: Mongolia



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