NSP - Artemisia dracunculus







Stem: aprox. 30-150 cm tall, green, grooved, ribbed, branched
and smooth.

Leaves: 3-8 cm long., 2-8 mm wide, linear or oblong, entire.

Inflorescence: flower - thick, almost round, 3 mm in diameter, sessile or stalked, in branching racemes,
sometimes clustered in 3 bracts of heads, broadly oblong with a very broad transparent
margin and very narrow green disc. Propagation by seeds and cuttings.

Flowering time: June - August.

Distribution. Most common weed occuring in all provinces. Late emerging weeds (August-September) may form a large seed bank in the soil. It can form a large population from underground parts. Grows for longest time and causes nuisance during combine harvesting.

Closely related weeds: A. subdigitata Mattf (stem colour is dark purpish)

Control measures: Fallow cultivation immediately after crop harvesting is important. Integration of deep cultivation and herbicides both in alternate fallow lands and in cereals is necessary.


Countries: Mongolia


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