NSP - Crepis tectorum







Common name: Hawkbeard

Eco&Biol. Annual or biennial.

Root: a tap root, branched.

Stem: 15-60 cm tall, dentated from base, originate as one from base but branched at the top, somewhat hairy.

Leaves: broad at the base clasping the step with the pair of earlike lobes at the base, toothed, lance shaped, sometimes pinnatefied.

Inflorescence: like corymb, flower heads yellow, small, bracts of the head are coarse and stiff. Seed dark brown or black, 3.5-6 mm long, 0.4-0.5 mm wide, with 10 corrugations or ribs.

Flowering time: June - September 

Distribution: Widely distributed in crop fields, waste places and lawns. Most common in forest zone of Mongolia, particularly in alternate fallow fields.

Control measures: Timely tillage in alternate fallow fields is necessary to avoid its infestation in crop fields.

Countries:  Mongolia


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