NSP - Leptochloa chinensis




Family: Poaceae

Common names: Red Sprangletop

A strongly tufted annual grass which grows 30-120 cm high. The stem is slender or somewhat stout, erect or ascending from a branching base. Leaves are linear flat, acute, thin, membranous, rough on the upper surface, sometimes reddish or purplish, 10-30 cm long, 4-9 mm wide, ligule 1-2 mm long, deeply divided into hairlike segments. The inflorescence is a narrowly ovate panicle with the main axis 10-40 cm long, branches and simple, numerous, spreading, 5-15 cm long, spikelets 2-7 flowered, pedicels 0.5-0.75 mm long, appressed or erect, pale green or reddish. Fruit of this weed has a caryopsis, ellipsoid, 0.8 mm long.

This weed is propagated by seed and flowers all the year. It grows commonly in wetland rice in Asia.


Countries: China, Thailand


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