NSP - Orobanche crenata




Family: Orobanchaceae

Synonyms: Orobanche owerinii G. Beck

Common names: broomrape, zarazikha.

An annual parasitic weed with an unbranched stem up to 1.3 m tall. Flowers dark reddish and fruits capsule dark brown colour.

It reproduces via seeds. Seed requires the presence of crop-host root exudates, moisture and warm temperature for its germination.

It is found in hot and semi-dry areas and grows well in irrigated fields. It is a parasitic weed of faba bean, lentil, chickpea and vetch. It is widely spread in the Mediterranean zones, Near East and part of Asia.

The same methods listed for O.aegyptiaca/O.ramosa can also be implemented for this weed. In addition, post-emergence glyphosate at 40 g a.i./ha has been successfully used in some places in faba beans. Phytoxicity may take place if the rates are higher or the application is delayed.


Countries: Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Jordan, Morocco, Syria, Sudan, Tunisia


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