NSP - Polygonum aviculare




Family: Polygonaceae

Common name: Knot grass

Eco& Biol. Perennial.

Roots: A tap root, penetrating deep.

Stem: upto 100 cm tall, numerous, horny branched, semi-spreading, almost like a bush near maturity, almost spherical, hairless or sometimes short hairs along ribs.

Leaves: oblong, linear, lanceolate, pointed on both sides, sometimes short hairs, 5-12 cm long, 7- 25 mm wide.

Inflorescence: raceme but looks like loose panicle, seeds - a nut, 4-7 mm
long. Propagation by seed.

Flowering time: July - August

Distribution: Common weed in steppe zone of Mongolia, both in cropped and uncropped areas.

Closely related weeds: P. valerii A. Skvorts. and P. alpinum All. Both species are shorter than P. divaricatum

Control measures: More competitive at later stages of crop growth. Integration of herbicides, nutrient management and timely irrigation is necessary for long season control in cereals.

Countries: China, Morocco


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