NSP - Raphanus raphanistrum




Family: Brassicaceae

Common name: White charlock

Ecol. & Biol: Annual.

Root: a tap root.

Stem: 20-70 cm. high, often flexous, densly covered with coarse hairs at base, sparsely so above.

Leaves: lower leaves lyrate pinnatisect, lateral lobes 4-6 paired, all leaves coarse and hirsute.

Inflorescence: flowers - petals yellow, rarely white or with a violet tinge, fruit - a pod (siliqua) 3-8 cmm long and 3-4 mm broad, pointed at tip, Seeds - oval to round brownish. Propagation by seeds.

Flowering time: July - September.

Distribution: An occasional weed in vegetables throughout Mongolia. More common on frequently cultivated and irrigated fields.

Control measures: Manual weeding particularly late in the season is useful for avoiding the aeneration of seed bank of this weed.

Countries: Iraq, Lebanon, Syria


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