NSP - Setaria viridis




Family: Poaceae

Leaves: green, linear, lanceolate, ligule ciliate.

Inflorescence: dense, cylindrical, 10-12 cm long spikelet elliptic, 2-2.5 mm. long, surrounded by bristles.

Seeds: broadly oval. yellow to dark brown, 25-30 mm long. Propagation by seed.

Flowering time: July - September.

Distribution: Widely distributed in cereal fields and sandy soils. Emergence is more between mid May and mid June. Growth cycle is shorter than wheat and barley.

Closely related weeds: S. glauca P.Beauv.

Control measures: Controlled by appropriate tillage in fallow fields and by using herbicides. Integration of sound agronomic practices to allow early canopy cover and herbicides can help to improve the efficiency of herbicides.


Countries: China, Iran, Syria


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