Small seed businesses contribute to improved food security in Honduras

Small seed businesses are contributing to increase the supply of high quality maize and beans seed to family farmers, which is improving national food security in Honduras.  These improvements are being made possible, in part, through the efforts of the “Seed for Development” project, which is strengthening the capacity of seven seed small businesses in Honduras. The project has helped strengthen the organizational and managerial skills of the businesses, as well as providing essential seed processing equipment.

The equipment is being used to produce high-quality seed, by drying, cleaning, classifying and packing seed that this year will be used to sow 3,350 hectares of maize and 2,800 hectares of beans, explained the Officer in Charge of FAO Honduras, Milton Flores.

The use of high-quality seed by family farmers will impact in the national production of basic grains, increasing production of maize by 32 %, and 30 % of beans.  The production will increase the availability of grains basic in the diets of the most vulnerable families in the country, declared the Officer in Charge of FAO Honduras.

To motivate the local production of high quality maize and beans seed, the Honduran Government provides to the small seed businesses the foundation seed, certification of the commercial seed and technical assistance.

Investment in Food Security and Nutrition
"Seed for Development" has invested 258 thousand USD to acquire the equipment for seed processing and for training for its use. The producers have contributed 58 thousand USD in labor and the infrastructure, where the equipment was installed.

The project has supported 127 rural families, which have doubled their incomes in one year.  The producers of basic grains who used high-quality seed produced by the small seed enterprises raised their yield by 1 620 kg of maize per hectare and 520 kg per hectare of beans. These investments are having a significant improvement in food security and the quality of life of the rural population, explained the FAO Officer for Plant Production and Protection, Allan Hruska.

Official delivery of equipment
The seed processing equipment was officially delivered in April to the seven small farmers’ enterprises that work with Seed for Development project in Honduras.  These small enterprises are owned by 127 families of small producers located in the municipalities of Nacaome, Yorito, Olancho, Santa Barbara and El Paraiso.

The Seed for Development project in Honduras is implemented by the Agricultural and Livestock Secretary, through the Agricultural Science and Technology Direction, and the National Service for Animal Health of the Government of Honduras, with technical assistance of FAO and financed by the International Spanish Cooperation Agency for Development.

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