Online Information Package on Climate-smart Agriculture Goes Live

The online package on climate-resilient and environmentally sound agriculture or "climate-smart" agriculture goes live.

Through simplified concepts and relevant resources and examples, we explore the impacts of global change on agriculture, the impacts of agriculture on ecosystems and possible technical and policy considerations that can help building food security under current and future challenges. The information package has six modules, different levels of text and a wealth of resources from all over the world.

Although the package was originally designed for government authorities, it can be used as a training base for other audiences who are interested in climate resilient and environmentally sound agricultural production.  

The information package contains 6 modules organized in two parts:

Part I - Agriculture, food security and ecosystems: current and future challenges

  • Module 1. An introduction to current and future challenges
  • Module 2. Climate variability and climate change
  • Module 3. Impacts of climate change on agro-ecosystems and food production
  • Module 4. Agriculture, environment and health

Part II - Addressing challenges

  • Module 5. C-RESAP/climate-smart agriculture: technical considerations and examples of production systems
  • Module 6. C-RESAP/climate-smart agriculture: supporting tools and policies

Access the information package here or request a CD-ROM by writing to [email protected]

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