Suivi du Plan d’action mondial

Suivi du deuxième Plan d’action mondial

With the adoption of the Second GPA, countries have agreed that the overall progress on its implementation and the related follow-up processes will be monitored and guided by governments and other FAO Members through the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. In order to discharge this function, the Commission will regularly review the implementation of the Second GPA in close cooperation with the Governing Body of the International Treaty on PGRFA. 

The Commission has adopted three PGRFA targets, a set of 63 indicators and a Reporting format to monitor the implementation of the 18 priority activities of the Second GPA. The indicators take into account the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020, including the Aichi Biodiversity Targets of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

For the current year, 2015, the Commission has invited countries to report to FAO on activities carried out that contribute to the implementation of the Second GPA using these adopted indicators and reporting format. The Governing Body of the International Treaty at its 5th Session also requested its Contracting Parties and stakeholders to report on their implementation activities to the Governing Body using the indicators for monitoring the implementation of the Second GPA and relevant reporting formats for consideration at the International Treaty’s Sixth and Seventh Sessions.

National Focal Points officially nominated by Governments may report on-line to FAO on all indicators and priority activities of the Second GPA through the Second GPA reporting system. The system can be accessed under the World Information and Early Warning System on PGRFA (WIEWS).

Data provided by countries will be used to produce a global assessment of the implementation of the Second GPA which will be reviewed by the Commission’s Intergovernmental Technical Working Group on PGR at its Eighth Session in June 2016. Countries’ reporting will also contribute to the development of a composite index for each of the three PGRFA targets and to generate a synthetic snapshot of the state of the conservation and use of PGRFA and of the requisite national capacities for these activities.