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Rust Report - Stem (Black) Rust

Regularly updated situation reports on cereal rusts based on information provided by a global network of rust workers. It is important to note that not all reports of stem rust relate to Ug99 or variants - other local races are also included.

Stem Rust at Very Low Incidence in Sudan and Egypt

29 Apr 2010

Stem Rust at Very Low Incidence in Sudan and Egypt

Extensive field surveys undertaken in Sudan (Feb 2010) and Egypt (Feb-Apr 2010) revealed a very low incidence of stem rust in farmers fields. Stem rust was not observed on-farm in Sudan and only trace amounts were recorded at three locations in Egypt (see country maps). A total of 83 locations were surveyed in Egypt and 34 locations in Sudan. Stem rust was present at research stations in both countries. Initial trap plot observations in Egypt gave no indication of the presence of the Ug99 lineage at any sites.


Race TTKSF (presumed Ug99 progenitor) confirmed in Zimbabwe

27 Apr 2010

Race TTKSF (presumed Ug99 progenitor) confirmed in Zimbabwe

Stem rust samples collected near Harare in Sept 2009 have been confirmed as race TTKSF, the presumed progenitor of Ug99. Analysis undertaken by the University of the Free State, South Africa and the USDA-ARS, Cereals Disease Lab, Minnesota, USA confirmed the presence of this race. TTKSF is similar to Ug99 except for avirulence on Sr31. TTKSF had only previously been known from South Africa, where it has become the most prevalent stem rust race since its detection in 2000.

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