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Rust Report - Stem (Black) Rust

Regularly updated situation reports on cereal rusts based on information provided by a global network of rust workers. It is important to note that not all reports of stem rust relate to Ug99 or variants - other local races are also included.

Situation Update Feb 2010

5 Mar 2010

Situation Update Feb 2010


Ethiopia: Results of the field surveys undertaken in Sep-Dec 2009 were received. Very comprehensive surveys were undertaken covering virtually all the main wheat growing areas. A total of 877 locations were surveyed. Thirty-five percent of the locations were infected by stem rust. Highest incidence of stem rust occurred in the southern areas, notably the Arsi/Bale region, and the disease was widespread in the Rift Valley area south of Addis. Stem rust was infrequent in northern and western areas. No information on races present is currently available.

Kenya: Field surveys were undertaken in the Mount Kenya and Central Rift Valley regions in Jan-Feb 2010. A total of 90 locations were surveyed. Fifty-nine percent of the locations were infected with stem rust and the disease was widespread throughout the regions surveyed. Approximately 77% of the locations surveyed had been sprayed with fungicides. Confirmation of races present is not yet available.

Yemen: Moderate to high incidence of stem rust was recorded in the screening nursery at Al Kedan on the Red Sea coast in the first week of Feb 2010. Samples are under going race analysis. 


Additional Wheat Stem Rust Reports - Africa & Yemen

17 Dec 2009

Additional Wheat Stem Rust Reports - Africa & Yemen 

Additional reports of wheat stem rust were received from several African countries.  In August, wheat stem rust was reported to be widespread in Tanzania. Wheat growing areas in Northern provinces and the Southern highlands both reported the presence of wheat stem rust. In South Africa, wheat stem rust was reported to be widespread in the Southern and Eastern Cape regions during Sept-Oct. One 160 ha field reportedly suffered complete yield loss to stem rust. In Zambia, trace amounts of wheat stem rust were found on 3 breeding lines at Golden Valley Research Station in late October. In all countries, the identity of stem rust races present remains unknown.

In Yemen, reports were received indicating higher incidence of wheat stem rust, compared to 2008, in highland areas during October. No race information is currently available.

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