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Weed Management and control methods

Soil Solarization. 1991. Edited by DeVay J.E., Stapleton J.J. and C.L. Elmore, FAO Plant Production and Protection Paper 109, 396 p. It contains the papers presented at the First International Conference on Soil Solarization held in Amman, Jordan, 19-25 February 1990.

Weed management for developing countries. 1994. Edited by R. Labrada, J.C. Caseley and C. Parker, FAO Plant Production and Protection Paper 120. The book contains 18 chapters written by outstanding weed scientists from all over the world. This book is also available in Spanish.

Weed Management for developing Countries, Addendum I. 2003. Edited R. Labrada, Rome p. 277.

A number of reasons exist for studying weed seed banks. Perhaps Mayor and Dessaint (1998, pp. 95-96) best summarized these for agronomic purposes in the following statement: 

  • Seed banks are of ecological and evolutionary importance in the dynamics of weed populations and communities.
  • Seed longevity and carryover of viable seeds in the soil from previous years can buffer the effects of weed control and hence maintain the weed problem. Some researchers have found that, with the exception of weeds with large seeds, the seed bank is a better indicator of long-term influences of agronomic practices on weeds than aboveground vegetation. [more]

Weed Management in Rice. 1996. Edited by B.A. Auld and K.U. Kim. FAO, Rome p. 272.


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