NSP - 1, 3-dichloropropene fumigants

1, 3-dichloropropene fumigants

1, 3-dichloropropene fumigants introduced in 1956, the formulations include:

  • Telone II (100% 1,3-D), 
  • Telone C-17 (73% 1, 3-D and 17% chloropicrin) 
  • Telone C-35 (65% 1,3-D and 35% chloropicrin) applied at 187-221 l/ha  in tomatoes or 330 l/ha in strawberry.

These fumigant alternatives are non effective against weeds, and subsequently it should incorporate an herbicide application, e.g. PE napropamide or PSI trilfuralin in solanaceous  crops. Workers applying 1,3-D should wear personal protective equipment including gloves, coveralls, and face respirators. However, nowadays the fumigant can be injected into undisturbed soil. The intact soil surface prevents the escapes of the fumigant from the soil. The fumigants normally provide good effect over pathogens as Fusarium and Phytophthora.

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