NSP - Role of IPM in pesticide risk reduction


Elimination of pesticide use that is unnecessary is the first step in pesticide risk reduction. IPM helps minimize pesticide use.

The box below shows the role of IPM in pesticide risk reduction as reflected in the Code of Conduct on the Distribution and Use of Pesticides


Code of Conduct on the Distribution and Use of Pesticides

Articles related to IPM

1.7     The standards of conduct set forth in this Code: 1.7.6. are designed to promote Integrated Pest Management (IPM) (including integrated vector management for public health pests);

3.7     Concerted efforts should be made by governments to develop and promote the use of IPM. Furthermore, lending institutions, donor agencies and governments should support the development of national IPM policies and improved IPM concepts and practices. These should be based on scientific and other strategies that promote increased participation of farmers (including women's groups), extension agents and on-farm researchers.

3.8     All stakeholders, including farmers and farmer associations, IPM researchers, extension agents, crop consultants, food industry, manufacturers of biological and chemical pesticides and application equipment, environmentalists and representatives of consumer groups should play a proactive role in the development and promotion of IPM.

3.9     Governments, with the support of relevant international and regional organizations, should encourage and promote research on, and the development of, alternatives posing fewer risks: biological control agents and techniques, non-chemical pesticides and pesticides that are, as far as possible or desirable, target-specific, that degrade into innocuous constituent parts or metabolites after use and are of low risk to humans and the environment.

5.1     Governments should: 5.1.7 provide extension and advisory services and farmers' organizations with adequate information about practical IPM strategies and methods, as well as the range of pesticide products available for use.

8.1     Governments should:  8.1.4 ensure that any pesticide subsidies or donations do not lead to excessive or unjustified use which may divert interest from more sustainable alternative measures.




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