NSP - H - List of Pesticide Evaluated by JMPR and JMPS

List of Pesticides evaluated by JMPR and JMPS - H


Below is a list of pesticides that have been evaluated by the Joint FAO/WHO Meeting on Pesticide Residues (JMPR) and the Joint FAO/WHO Meeting on Pesticide Specifications (JMPS).

All compounds are listed alphabetically: in the JMPR report and evaluation column, clik on Report to download either the Toxicological Evaluation or the Residue Evaluation in the JMPR Report in the related year, and click on Evaluation to download the Residue Evaluation in the related year.

In the specification column, click on the year indicated in each cell to download the latest specification evaluated by the JMPS.


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JMPR Report and Evaluation



JMPR no. (194)

1995 (T, R) Report, Evaluation
1996 corr. to 1995 report, Evaluation
2001 (R) Report, Evaluation
2006 (T) Report
2009 (R) Report, Evaluation



JMPR no. (043)

1991 (T, R) Report
1992 corr. to 1991 report, Annex I
1993 (R) Report, Evaluation
1994 (R) Report, Evaluation



JMPR no. (170)

1991 corr. to 1990 R evaluation)
1993 (R) (Report)






JMPR no. (176)

1991 (T, R) Report
1994 (R) Report, Evaluation
1998 (R) Report, Evaluation
2008 (T) Report
2009 (R) Report, Evaluation
2011 (R) Report


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