Here you will find a selection of the bibliography of the book Gardens of Biodiversity organized by topic. In order to have access, simply click on the topic you wish to browse. Below, we have included PDFs of the two  publications that have served as the foundation during the development of the publication.


Flora of Caucasus

Grossheim A.A.1945, 1950, 1952, 1962, 1967. Flora of the Caucasus. Vols III, IV, V, VI, VII. Moscow-Leningrad.

Flora of Caucasus is an encyclopaedia written in Russian of the various flowering plants that can be found in the Caucasus region. Volume 3 is the proceedings of the Botanical Institute, Azerbaijan Department, USSR Academy of Science. The following volumes describe  specific species: Volume 4 examines nymphaeaceae (commonly known as water lilies); Volume 5 looks at rosaceae (derived from the type genus Rosa, in other words roses); Volume 6 analyses geraniaceae (derived form the genus geranium); and Volume 7 explores umbelliferae (these are plants that are usually aromatic with hollow stems, for example carrots).

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Wild Plants in Caucasus

Rollov, A.H. 1908.Wild Plants in Caucasus. Tbilisi, Caucasian Committee of Phyllosera.

Wild plants are very widespread in the Caucasus region. This book, Wild plants in Caucasus, not only includes botanital summaries but discusses plants in their natural habitat and analyses their traditional usages.

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