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Author: Barbara Gemmill-Herren
Posted: 13 окт 10 - 03:57
Subject: Baseline socio-economic survey
Dear Colleagues,

An important first step in the implementation of the socio-economic valuation protocol, (and also part of the project monitoring) is a baseline survey of current situation of the farmers, the agricultural production systems and practices they use and the challenges that face them in pursuing their livelihoods, so that they- and we- are able assess the impacts of introducing pollination-friendly practices into these systems.

We have recognized that in most countries, the information on individual farmers and their practices will be gathered through record-keeping exercises in farmer field schools- next year, after the training of trainers is carried out.

But it is important to begin work with a baseline identified, and indeed the first step in the socio-economic protocol is to:

1. Characterise current production systems, practices and main perceived needs for improvement

This can serve as a baseline rapid assessment, and will assist us all to work from a common set of information on STEP sites. We asked Maryanne Grieg-Gran to give a more complete outline of what such a baseline rapid assessment should cover, and we attach what is proposed. This information can suffice for the deliverable on the baseline socio-economic survey. It is information that can be gathered in a focal group/community meeting format, and thus is not as time-consuming as interviews with individual farmers.

We welcome, of course, your comments and proposed modifications to the rapid assessment, and look forward to the results.

With best regards,

Here's the link to the document
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