Global Pollination Project Protocols

FAO, working with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP/GEF), the Global Environment Facility and seven partner countries of Brazil, Ghana, India, Kenya, Nepal, Pakistan and South Africa, has developed a global project on “Conservation and Management of Pollinators for Sustainable Agriculture, through an Ecosystem Approach” This GEF/UNEP/FAO project, designed to attain global benefits from knowledge management and lessons learned internationally, has a critical global level which will enable international discussion and testing of protocols and methods for conserving and sustainably using pollination services.

This website provides access to the current drafts of different protocols and methods under development by the project, and to facilitate sharing of experiences in the application of the protocols. From the lessons learned from the experiences of field-testing the protocols and methods, we will be able to revise them, and disseminate such tools and guidance to the global community.

Below is a list of thematic sub-areas providing pertinent documents and inviting users to add their comments. 



Pollination Deficits

Discussion Forum