NSP - Framework for Action of the Soil Biodiversity Initiative


Objective 1. Sharing of knowledge and information, and awareness raising

• Activity 1.1. Compilation and dissemination of case studies for use in awareness raising and capacity building.
• Activity 1.2. Creation and strengthening of networking arrangements for sharing of information, experiences and expertise with a focus on supporting local initiatives on the ground rather than institution building.
• Activity 1.3. Enhancing public awareness, education and knowledge on integrated soil management and agro-ecological approaches.
• Activity 1.4. Development of information systems and databases.

Objective 2. Capacity building for the development and transfer of knowledge of soil biodiversity and ecosystem management into farmers’ practices

• Activity 2.1. Evaluating capacity building needs of farmers and other land managers, researchers and development programmes for integrated soil biological and ecosystems management.
• Activity 2.2. Development of soil bioindicators and tools for assessment and monitoring of soil health and ecosystem functioning.
• Activity 2.3. Promotion of adaptive management approaches for the development and uptake of improved soil biological management practices, technologies and policies that enhance soil health and ecosystem function and contribute to sustained agricultural productivity and livelihoods.
• Activity 2.4. Mobilization of targeted participatory R&D in order to enhance understanding of soil biodiversity functions and ecosystem resilience in relation to land use and sustainable agriculture.

Objective 3. Strengthening collaboration among actors and institutions and mainstreaming soil biodiversity and biological management into agricultural and land management and rehabilitation programmes

• Activity 3.1. Mainstreaming soil biodiversity and ecosystem management in agricultural and land management programmes and policies.
• Activity 3.2. Develop partnerships and collaborative activities for development and implementation of the Soil Biodiversity Initiative as an FAO-CBD partnership.

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