Plant Production and Protection Division (NSP)

The Plant Production and Protection Division (NSP) supports countries in the transition to sustainable crop production systems.

NSP works with countries and a broad range of partners in developing and promoting agro-ecological approaches to sustainable crop production that build on ecosystem services while enhancing and protecting the underlying natural resource base.

Office of the Director (NSPDD)

Director: Mr Jingyuan Xia
Deputy Director: Vacant


The team leads the efforts to reduce reliance on pesticides by adopting an integrated pest management approach and to uphold sound management of pesticides. This involves developing international standards, guidelines and tools to protect consumers and the environment from risks stemming from pesticide use, and building national capacity on pesticide management and Farmer Field School programmes.

Contact: Mr Baogen Gu

Plant Genetic Resources and Seeds (NSPGD)

The team leads the efforts to enhance farmers’ access to quality seeds and planting materials of nutritious well-adapted crops and varieties. To achieve this, country governments are assisted in conserving plant genetic resources for food and agriculture, improving crops and developing resilient seed systems.

Contact: Mr Chikelu Mba

The team leads the efforts in developing and implementing mechanisms to mitigate the potential impact of transboundary plant pests and diseases. This involves surveillance of pest populations and environmental conditions, early warning systems (e.g. the Desert Locust Information Service), regional cooperation between concerned countries, environmentally sound pest control systems and crises response.

Contact: Mr Shoki AlDobai 

Ecosystem approach to crop production intensification (NSPED)

The team leads the efforts to promote agro-ecological knowledge and practices, and improve the sustainability and resilience of farming systems of smallholder farmers (including family farmers) through ecosystem-based approaches. This involves conserving and enhancing above and below ground biodiversity, soil health and efficient nutrient management strategies in cropping systems.

Contact: Mr Ronnie Brathwaite

Rural and Urban Crop and Mechanization Systems (NSPLD)

The team leads the efforts to promote sustainable crop production and diversification, improving people’s nutrition, livelihoods and income. This involves adopting sustainable production practices, developing policies to improve crop production (including underutilized crops), strengthening rural-urban linkages, and adopting sustainable mechanization technologies and strategies.

Contact: Mr Fenton Beed

This FAO team and colleagues in UNEP jointly provide the Secretariat for the Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade. Their work involves sharing information on hazardous chemicals and pesticides, and empowering parties to take informed decisions on their sustainable use.

Contact: Ms Christine Fuell