Agrifood Economics



Support for rural Armenians helps them face the COVID-19 pandemic with more confidence


Improving diets, nutrition and livelihoods for rural families in Kyrgyzstan


It takes a lot to build a good habit, but very little to ruin it. Healthy eating habits are not an exception; they not only take months or even years of a healthy diet routine and enabling food environment, but...


Last week saw the launch of a new technical network on poverty analysis (THINK-PA).

The new initiative is part of the activities that ES, in coordination with SP3, is undertaking in order to strengthen the Organization’s capacities to mainstream poverty analysis...


Since 2006, school-provided meals have been one of Kyrgyzstan’s strategies for fighting food insecurity. The main beneficiaries have traditionally been the students, who receive a hot breakfast each day. But now, a FAO pilot programme is exploring how this scheme...


The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has tapped colleagues in TCI to assist in the preparation of future agriculture sector policies for the Caribbean region. The request in the first phase of the collaboration consists of data gathering to create a...


Through a joint collaborative effort, colleagues in TCI and ESA are providing support to the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) in the preparation of their food and agriculture strategy, an unprecedented milestone for the Organization.

FAO and the CDB signed the renewed...


Migration has become increasingly prevalent in many countries in the Europe and Central Asia region, playing a key role in their development. In Tajikistan, one of the region’s poorest countries, in the majority of rural households at least one or...

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