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THINK-PA launches dynamic website: a hub for global poverty analysis and sustainable solutions


With the aim of achieving the ambitious goals set forth by the Framework on Rural Extreme Poverty, the Technical Network on Poverty Analysis (THINK-PA) proudly announces the launch of its comprehensive website. Established in September 2019 under the FAO's holistic strategy, THINK-PA aims to fortify FAO's capabilities and foster collaborative efforts to integrate poverty analysis into its diverse operations.

Given the predominant concentration of poverty in rural areas, where agriculture plays a pivotal role, FAO's strategic positioning is crucial for addressing global poverty challenges. THINK-PA serves as a nexus for interdisciplinary collaboration, connecting FAO's scientific, economic, and socioeconomic expertise to advance poverty reduction activities.

THINK-PA's role encompasses supporting poverty analysis and poverty reduction initiatives within technical units of FAO as well as in regional and country offices, influencing investment prioritization, targeting processes, and conducting impact evaluations. The network facilitates engaging activities, including webinars and internal discussions, shedding light on rural poverty and inclusivity-related issues within agrifood systems.

The newly launched website serves as a central resource hub, providing information and allowing you to:

Colleagues are encouraged to join THINK-PA's mailing list for updates and explore the website regularly to stay informed about ongoing initiatives. Embrace the mission to seamlessly integrate poverty analysis across FAO's operations—visit the THINK-PA website to be part of the journey towards sustainable solutions and global poverty alleviation.