Agrifood Economics

Policy priorities relating to rural migration depend on country contexts

FAO Agricultural Development Economics Policy Brief 13
Year: 2018
Author(s): FAO

Many different policies affect rural migration through their impacts on agriculture, rural development, food insecurity and poverty. As countries at different levels of development face different challenges and policy priorities (as shown in the typology based on rural migration drivers), the migration context matters for related policy formulation and implementation. The challenge for policy-makers is to maximize the benefits of rural migration while minimizing the negative effects and, as much as possible, to create conditions so that migration is a voluntary decision based on real and informed choices. For this purpose policies must aim at: creating attractive rural livelihood opportunities, removing constraints to rural migration, preventing crises that lead to forced migration, and limiting the negative impacts on migrants and host communities.

Publication type: Policy brief
ISSN: 2520-6540