Agrifood Economics

Moving away from poverty: A spatial analysis of poverty and migration in Albania

ESA Working Paper 05-02
Year: 2005
Author(s): Alberto Zezza, Calogero Carletto, and Benjamin Davis
This paper analyses recent patterns of migration and poverty in Albania, a country that following the collapse of the communist regime in 1990 – has been experiencing high migration rates. Using a combination of survey and census data, the paper characterises spatial patterns in the distribution of poverty and migration at a high level of geographic disaggregation. The results emphasise the importance of analysing internal and international migration as different phenomena, as the two appear to be associated in opposite ways to observed poverty and welfare levels. While poverty acts as a push factor for internal migration, it seems to be a constraining factor for the more costly international migration. The results also suggest that rural migration to urban areas contributes to the relocation of poverty in urban areas.
Theme: Poverty
Publication type: Working paper
JEL codes: J1, J61, I32