Agrifood Economics

Policies, practice and participation in complex emergencies: The case of livestock interventions in South Sudan

Year: 2005
Author(s): Andy Catley, Tim Leyland, Suzan Bisho
This case study examines how alternative approaches to rinderpest eradication evolved in the complex emergency context of southern Sudan, and how initial experiences informed the establishment of a large-scale community-based animal health worker (CAHW) system. The case study focuses on policy processes, the attitudes and understanding of different policy actors at different points in time, and the role of coordinating bodies in facilitating policy dialogue and ensuring harmonised practice among NGO partners. As the case study shows, policy actors included agencies working in southern Sudan and a number of external players. The case study also reviews how information was generated and used, with an emphasis on the use of impact assessment to inform policy debate. The case study takes a critical look at monitoring and evaluation within the livestock programme, and the extent to which the reporting requirements of relief donors influenced organisational learning within donors and NGOs.
Publication type: Country case study
ISBN: 30724