Agrifood Economics

World agriculture towards 2030/2050

Interim Report. Prospects for food, nutrition, agriculture and major commodity groups
Year: 2007
Author(s): FAO
This is an updated version, with extension of projections to 2050, of two of the key chapters (Chapters 2 and 3) of the study World Agriculture: Towards 2015/30 completed in 2002 and published in 2003 (Bruinsma, 2003). Chapter 2 presents prospective developments in food demand and consumption and possible implications for nutrition and undernourishment. Chapter 3 deals with production, consumption and trade, in terms of the main commodity sectors and aggregate agriculture. This updating and extension is undertaken for a number of reasons, in addition to the need to take on board more recent data and historical ones that have been revised.
Publication type: Country case study