Agrifood Economics

Opportunities for youth in the bioeconomy

Opportunities and barriers for youth employment and entrepreneurship in the emerging bioeconomy sectors
Year: 2023
Author(s): Dietershagen, J. & Bammann, H.
Publisher: FAO

FAO Agricultural Development Economics Technical Study, No. 30.

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of key challenges and barriers to achieving greater youth inclusion in the bioeconomy. The analysis covers key factors (push/pull factors) that impact youth employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, such as education, vocational training, skills building, technology and business development. It also underscores the significance of considering economic development opportunities, rural–urban dynamics, and sustainable resource management when implementing policies.

The study assesses the youth inclusiveness of current bioeconomy strategies and related policies and identifies six policy goals and how they need to be addressed for greater youth inclusion. Additionally, the report assesses specific youth employment opportunities and challenges in different sectors of the bioeconomy and provides a specific set of recommendations to support youth participation in the bioeconomy. Finally, the report provides generic recommendations for better youth inclusion and support in the bioeconomy. Overall, the report concludes that the bioeconomy offers considerable opportunities and is attractive to youth, but more needs to be done to support youth entrepreneurship and employment in the sector.

Publication type: Technical study
Region: Global
ISBN: 978-92-5-138272-1
ISSN: 2521-7259 (online) / 2521-7240 (print)