Economía Agroalimentaria

Guyana’s diversification perspectives to overcome vulnerability

FAO Agricultural Development Economics Policy Brief 20
Año: 2020
Autor(es): Michael Keller and Cristian Morales Opazo

This policy brief analyses institutional challenges faced by Guyana’s agricultural sector to promote diversification and development. Agricultural development in Guyana is strongly correlated with agricultural diversification, hence diversification strategies can be used to promote growth in this sector. The identified challenges in the analysis that currently hamper diversification and trade of Guyana’s agricultural products include high tariff and non-tariff barriers, low level of direct investment, and a lack of physical infrastructure. Furthermore, missing quality and quantity capacities of farmers as well as the lack of a working sanitary and phytosanitary regime hinders intra-regional trade and import substitution. It is recommended to further analyse these areas and invest accordingly.

Tipo de documento: Nota de política
País: Guyana
Región: Latin America and the Caribbean
ISSN: 2520-6540 (online) / 2520-6532 (print)