Économie agroalimentaire

Youth employment through agribusiness and value chain development

Année: 2022
Auteur(s): FAO

FAO Agricultural Development Economics Policy Brief, No. 46.

This policy brief is intended to sensitize Government decision makers and development partners, youth organizations and other stakeholders about the opportunities offered by applying a value chain approach that focuses on youth. Youth unemployment rates are on the rise, especially in rural Africa. Creating more and better jobs for the increasing youth population is an urgent priority to reduce unemployment rates and maintain political and social stability. Investments in the development of sustainable agricultural value chains offer immense opportunities for youth in rural and urban areas. This policy brief provides a rational for placing youth in the centre of the analysis and makes reference to detailed guidelines that explain how to consider the situation of youth when conducting a value chain analysis in the agriculture sector.

Type de document: Note de politique
Région: Global