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Note de politique, 2006
Since February 2004, FAO, through the Food Security Analysis Unit (FSAU) Somalia, has been developing the Integrated Food Security and Humanitarian Phase Classification (IPC) - a tool for improving analysis and decision making in emergency...
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Note de politique, 2006
Humanitarian reform is an issue at the centre of the UN policy agenda; Donors and international agencies are working together to improve the predictability, timeliness and effectiveness of humanitarian response through a range of measures...
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ESA Working Paper 06-10
Document de travail, 2006
This paper reviews the role of food aid in response to humanitarian emergencies. It outlines a set of basic principles for effective food aid interventions, and analyses a number of case studies in humanitarian response....
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Étude de cas par pays, 2006
This report tests the hypothesis that there is a critical paradox between the dynamic features of food insecurity and static policy response in a protracted emergency context. It does so by presenting a review of...
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ESA Working Paper 05-11
Document de travail, 2005
Improving access to food through broad-based participation in income-generating activities in key agricultural supply chains, together with the development of safety nets that protect the welfare of Liberia’s diverse types of vulnerable individuals and households...
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Étude de cas par pays, 2005
This case study examines how alternative approaches to rinderpest eradication evolved in the complex emergency context of southern Sudan, and how initial experiences informed the establishment of a large-scale community-based animal health worker (CAHW) system....
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Revista de la CEPAL 82
Articles de presse, 2004
En la década anterior a la crisis de 1995, mejoraron en México los indicadores de desarrollo humano. Aplicando técnicas de descomposición, el artículo mide el efecto de esas mejoras en las condiciones de los hogares...
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ESA Working Paper 04-02
Document de travail, 2004
This paper examines food security in the context of conflict in West Africa. The analysis developed in the paper recognises the importance of defining conflict type and the trends in conflict so that conflict...
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ESA Working Paper 03-11
Document de travail, 2003
Despite the end of the Cold War conflicts are still very frequent and most of them occur in developing countries. However, the nature of conflicts has changed and the proportion of civilian fatalities has increased...
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