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ESA Working Paper 08-06
Document de travail, 2008
This article proposes a general pattern of rural development in which rises in per capita income are associated with a decline in the importance of agricultural production and a rise in the importance of non-agricultural...
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Interim Report. Prospects for food, nutrition, agriculture and major commodity groups
Étude de cas par pays, 2007
This is an updated version, with extension of projections to 2050, of two of the key chapters (Chapters 2 and 3) of the study World Agriculture: Towards 2015/30 completed in 2002 and published in 2003...
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Étude de cas par pays, 2003
World agriculture: towards 2015/2030 is FAO’s latest assessment of the long-term outlook for the world’s food supplies, nutrition and agriculture. It presents the projections and the main messages. The projections cover supply and demand for...
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