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Articles de presse, 2000
Using data from a representative 1989 household survey for Italy we estimate random-coefficient earnings frontiers by gender, marital status and location. These estimates are used to calculate discrimination indices. Our results show that fixed coefficients...
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Manuel/directives, 2000
The World Food Summit (Rome, November 1996) recognized the urgency of improving the information available to governments, their international partners and all members of civil society in every country, in order to guide their actions...
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Enseignements des 50 dernieres annees
Publication phare, 2000
Le SOFA 2000 n’annonce qu’une croissance très modeste de la production agricole mondiale de 1998, et les estimations pour 1999 ne semblent guère indiquer d’amélioration. Surtout pour les pays en développement, où les résultats du...
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