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Guidance to implement the framework for action for food security and nutrition in protracted crises (CFS-FFA)
Краткое изложение политики, 2016
This note focuses on the topic of access to land and land governance in protracted crises, providing some possible solutions illustrated by case studies from FAO interventions in such contexts. Protracted crisis represent a signal...
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Руководство/рекомендации, 2012
The purpose of this Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) Technical Manual Version 2.0 is to provide food security analysts with technical standards and guidelines for conducting IPC analysis. Version 2.0 introduces revised standards based...
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Краткое изложение политики, 2012
In complex emergency situations such as that in Somalia, marred by violence, destitution and famine, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has managed to implement a large cash-for-work (CFW) programme. The...
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Руководство/рекомендации, 2011
Food security professionals increasingly realize that they must use communications strategically for their work to have a maximum impact. While most organizations have invested heavily in food security analysis and research, many still need to...
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Addressing food insecurity in protracted crises
Основной отчет, 2010
Спустя десятилетие, казалось бы, непрестанного роста числа недоедающих людей, оценки на 2010 год, представленные в настоящем издании доклада Положение дел в связи с отсутствием продовольственной безопасности в мире , дают проблеск надежды в связи с...
Книга/глава книги, 2008
In many countries, prolonged conflicts result in food emergencies that recur over years or even decades. Initial humanitarian relief efforts are rarely replaced by programmes that offer a longer-term perspective on food security. This book...
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Страновое тематическое исседование, 2008
The main driver of Palestinian food insecurity is of a political nature, as key elements of vulnerability are rooted in the military and administrative measures imposed by the Israeli occupation closure regime, permits, destruction of...
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Журнальные статьи, 2008
We explore poor farmers' incentives to adopt production systems that increase soil carbon sequestration, focusing on the impact of risk. A dynamic optimization model of conservation agriculture adoption is presented, where farmers optimize over expected...
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Страновое тематическое исседование, 2008
The paper examines the imperative for improved classification and analysis of food crises in different fragile contexts. Recognizing the persistence and protracted nature of food crises, the paper questions how prevention and response mechanisms could...
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ESA Working Paper 07-21
Рабочий документ, 2007
Drawing on case studies from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Somalia and Sudan, this paper focuses on policy, programming and institutional issues related to addressing food insecurity in protracted crises and fragile states,...
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