Institutional Dashboard Guide for Data Providers

Data providers are offered an Institutional Dashboard where they can access front-end and back-end services of AGRIS. In this login-protected institutional space, AGRIS data providers can:

  • Automatic Data Upload (ADU);
  • check their upload logs historically in ADU;
  •  access institutional usage statistics, including page views, country visits by year;
  •  browse and search institutional collections; and 
  • filter content by country and data providers on the AGRIS database.

Data providers can request their login credentials by submitting this online form or writing to the AGRIS helpdesk at [email protected]

Access to Institutional Dashboard

Data providers can login at

The login page requires the data provider’s username and password and the response to the captcha exercise (needed for security reasons).

NOTE: the AGRIS team does not have access to the data provider’s passwords. If a data provider forgets their password, they can click on the link “Forgot password” in the login page. They will receive an email with a temporary password. When they access the portal with the temporary password, the portal will ask them to create a new password.

Once the data provider logs into the portal, they will be redirected to the Dashboard:

AGRIS Institutional Dashboard
AGRIS Institutional Dashboard, ADU not enabled

To request access to the Automatic Data Upload (ADU) feature, write to [email protected].

Data providers enabled to use the ADU will see the following screen:

AGRIS Institutional Dashboard, ADU enabled

NOTE: it is always possible to go back to the dashboard by clicking on the “My Institutional Dashboard” button in the top left corner of the page. In order to logout or change your password, click on your email address in the top right corner.

AGRIS user icon

If you leave the dashboard, you can always return by clicking on the user icon, in the top right corner of the website.

Automatic Data Upload (ADU)

AGRIS data providers can submit their metadata by uploading it onto Automatic Data Upload (ADU).

Login to Institutional Dashboard and click on “Upload new data” to access the ADU service.

Upload new data

When you click on the “Upload new data” icon, the following screen will be prompted:

Upload data in AGRIS

Please note that you can upload only a .zip file containing all the files you want to add in AGRIS (those files must have the .xml extension) or individual .xml files. Please ensure that .xml files are valid. If the data contains special characters, be sure to wrap the content of each element in a CDATA section.

The metadata format used in the .xml files must be the same as that indicated on the screen (see #1 on the image above). This metadata format is recorded in your AGRIS data provider registry. To change it, you must contact [email protected].

In order to upload a new set of data:

  • Click on the browser and select a zip file containing the XML files you want to upload from your computer (see #2 on the image above)
  • Add a custom message for the AGRIS team if you have an additional note about the dataset (see #3 on the image above).
  • Click on UPLOAD (see #4 on the image above).

In case you try to upload the data in a different format from the one assigned for your organization, the system will reject the upload with the message below:

Message rejecting the file

If the upload is successful, you will see the following message on the screen and the uploaded data will be indexed in the first week of the next month.

When upload is successful

The system will check for duplicates based on the exact match of the title. Duplicates will be automatically discarded. Since there is no active procedure to merge records or update metadata, only new records will be indexed.

At the bottom of the page, data providers can see their upload history (see #5 on the image above).

Usage Statistics

AGRIS data providers can access institutional usage statistics, including page views, country visits by year, as well as the 15 most visited titles in their institutional collections. This feature is independent of whether they have the ADU enabled or not.

Login to Institutional Dashboard and click on “Statistics”.

Institutional Dashboard Statistics

AGRIS provides usage statistics based on Google Analytics. Data providers can access their institutional statistics by page views and country visits. The image below illustrates what is available when “page views” is selected (see #1 on the image below).

Total page views

Page views refers to the total number of pages viewed in a data provider’s bibliographic records. In the line below that, #2 shows the page views from the last week, last month, last three months and the last year to date. To see the page views in earlier years, you can click on the year on the third line, which is indicated with #3.

Total page views in the graph represent the total number of pages viewed for the selected time period  (see #4 on the image above).

If you scroll down the page, the 15 most visited bibliographic records in the time period selected are listed.

Most visited records

Data providers can also access country visits to see where their records are accessed from for a given period. The image below illustrates what is available when “country visits” is selected (see #1 on the image below).

Country visits

You can click on the time period to see the country visits. #2 shows the country visits for the last week, last month, last three months and the last year to date. To see the country visits in earlier years, you can click on the year on the next line which is indicated with #3.

On the map, you can click on any of the countries (see #4) to see the number of records (see #5) visited from that country for the selected period of time. It is possible to zoom in and out on this map for a more granular view of the map.

Filter content by country and data providers

Data providers can filter AGRIS content by country and by organization on the main page while they are logged into the Institutional Dashboard. Please note that this feature is only available to data providers and requires login with their institutional credentials.

Filter by data providers

To use this filter, select the county from the first drop-down menu, then select the data provider (see #1). To see the full list of data providers, click on the “show data providers list” (see #2) and follow the alphabetically-organised list (see #3) at the bottom of the page.

Browse and search institutional collections

Once you have used the filter and selected a data provider, click on the “Browse” button.

Browse by data providers

After selection of a data provider, the URL ending with the institutional AGRIS ID can be used for permanent access to the collection. Data providers may want to link or embed this URL on their website.

Data provider URL

Data provider filter selection appears as “center filter” on the search screen (see #1).

While it is selected, the description of the data provider is displayed at the top of the search results (see #2). The same name of the data provider is also displayed next to the titles (see #3).

To search and browse in the selected data provider’s collection, simply use the search box at the top of the screen (see #4).

To remove this filter selection, click on the (x) button next to the name of the data provider (see #1).

Search by data provider