Collaboration and partnership in action - Georgia and Armenia!

Workshop conducted by TECHINFORMI for ANAU


On Friday 7 July 2023, Institute TECHINFORMI, the AGRIS Country Hub in Georgia, held a virtual workshop for the Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU), an AGRIS data provider. Institute TECHINFORMI's support to ANAU, as per the framework established with FAO, has been instrumental in the reactivation of ANAU's status as an existing AGRIS data provider.

Attended by more than 15 participants from ANAU, the workshop focused primarily on reference data management using ZOTERO, the open-source reference management software. Practical examples of using the software to manage reference data -- interspersed with theoretical and practical questions from the participants on all aspects of reference data management -- ensured that the workshop was an engaging and enlightening one that left the participants feeling empowered to provide high quality metadata pertaining to their publications for indexing in the AGRIS database.

Additionally, after an interesting discussion related to terminology, ANAU was invited to join the international multilingual thesaurus AGROVOC, which is currently available in more than 40 languages.

ANAU invited to join AGROVOC
AGROVOC being discussed during the workshop. Source: Institute TECHINFORMI

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An interesting document about the history and work of the AGRIS Country Hub in Georgia is available HERE.