A new online course for data providers!

FAO/Lazizkhon Tashbekov

What's new in the AGRIS Network?

Recognizing the importance of continuous learning and collaboration, FAO has recently launched an online course designed specifically for AGRIS data providers. This course aims to empower new and existing data providers by enhancing their knowledge and skills in contributing high-quality metadata to the AGRIS database. 

Based on the valuable feedback from the AGRIS Data Provider survey conducted in 2022, the course addresses the demand for learning more about AGRIS, particularly the essential steps when participating in AGRIS, including selecting, creating, exposing or submitting metadata. 

Understanding the crucial requirements at each step will enable data providers to contribute high-quality metadata more efficiently and effectively to the AGRIS database. This, in turn, will increase the global visibility and findability of the data provider’s data.

Comprising seven lessons divided into three units, the course offers a self-paced learning experience, allowing participants to complete it at their convenience, in four to six hours. By attending the course, participants will:

  • Understand the criteria for selecting resources and metadata in AGRIS;
  • Comprehend the metadata requirements;
  • Learn how to create, expose, and submit metadata effectively;
  • Discover AGRIS services for data providers, including the Institutional Dashboard and Automatic Data Upload (ADU); and
  • Acquire knowledge on how to reuse AGRIS data in other information systems.

Are you a new AGRIS data provider? From now on, attending the course and passing the exam will be requested after completing the registration and receiving confirmation of inclusion in the AGRIS network.

Are you an institution interested in becoming an AGRIS data provider in the future? You can also attend the course to learn more and express your interest by writing to [email protected]

Are you a long-standing AGRIS data provider who wishes to refresh your knowledge about AGRIS? You are welcome to take the course. Just contact [email protected] 

This learning experience will also bring together the entire network, creating opportunities for data providers to share experiences and learn from one another. 

More information about the course will be posted here in the news section of the AGRIS website. Additionally, by joining the AGRIS Dgroup, data providers can stay informed about the latest news and developments in AGRIS.