New paper featuring AGROVOC as the linked data concept hub for food and agriculture


The paper titled “AGROVOC: The linked data concept hub for food and agriculture” has just been recently published online in the journal “Computers and Electronics in Agriculture”, stressing the importance of aggregated and shared data for innovation in FAO´s areas of interest.

Since 2019, AGROVOC is expanding its coverage through the collaboration with communities of experts to include specialized domains who can benefit from the AGROVOC infrastructure: new vocabularies embedded in AGROVOC, enriching AGROVOC, while maintaining the possibility for separate entity, exports and display. 

This engagement with specialized communities is helping AGROVOC to enhance the quality of AGROVOC content, while the new vocabularies benefit from the AGROVOC community of editors, e.g. translations and quality control. This new AGROVOC paradigm can be useful for smaller specialized technical vocabularies to leverage semantic technologies and linked open data. This supports agricultural sciences data to become more FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable).

The paper is currently available here.