Asociación sobre el agua agrícola para África

Being an AgWA partner

With the objective of speeding up and sustaining agriculture development in Africa, AgWA partners contribute with either financial/in-kind resources or technical knowledge to the promotion, planning and implementation of investment projects in agriculture water management in Africa.

Being an AgWA partner means contributing to African socio-economic development but also taking part in a wide network of AWM organizations and professionals that share common interests and most up to date knowledge in the field of AWM in the continent.

AgWA membership is open to any organization or network with an interest in and capacity for contributing to promotion of effective agricultural water management in Africa. Governments, inter-government organizations, NGOs, research and educational institutions, private sector and civil society organizations are all welcome.

Applications for membership will be assessed on the basis of what organisations can bring to the Partnership. This includes:

  • National governments with a willingness to develop a National Agricultural Water Development strategy.
  • Donors – public sector and civil society – that wish to invest in AWM in Africa.
  • International and regional organisations that wish to promote AWM in Africa – a statement of what the organisation can bring to the partnership.


Become an AgWA partner

Those organizations interested in becoming partners have to fill the following membership application form and send it to AgWA’s Secretariat.