Partnership for agricultural water for Africa

Building up Mature Partnership for Scaling up Agricultural Water Management in Africa (AgWA)

Budget: US$ 350 000
01/07/2011 - 30/06/2013
Project Status: Closed
Country: Nigeria, Tanzania

The strategic objective of the project is to enable AgWA to transform successfully to a mature, widely accepted and effective entity owned by African institutions, with clear delivery of its objectives and business lines in AWM. The project will:

  • Help AgWA establish its pan-African secretariat that will be hosted by FAO at its sub-regional office for Eastern Africa in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia;
  • Assist AgWA implement its first-two year operations at the pan-African level along its five business components which are related to advocacy, knowledge sharing, capacity development, resource mobilization and donor harmonization;
  • Establish a new strategic partnership in West and Central Africa (WCA) for more integrated and sustainable development approaches in land and water (ground and surface water) management; and
  • Update specific IFAD Result-Based Country Strategic Opportunities Programmes (RB-COSOP) with recommendations for pro-poor water-related investments that can be supported by IFAD in Nigeria and Tanzania.
  • Establish links and implement policy liaison at Pan-African level, based upon the experiences of the strategic partnership in West and Central Africa and activities of IMAWESA, shared through the AgWA East and Southern Africa (ESA) partnership.