FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

#FAOTransforms 1st fair of inspiring experiences

Regional meeting in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Live broadcast Plenary Hall - Tuesday, June 14, 10:00 a.m. (Chile)

Inspiring experiences (parallel sessions) - Tuesday June 14 11:00 hrs. (Chile)

This 1st Regional Fair is a space that seeks to make visible and stimulate the knowledge management and innovation in FAO. Learning, sharing and innovating enhance the dynamics of collaboration, which is key for the transformation towards more efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable agri-food systems in the region. The event is organized in 3 moments:

  • LEARN: evidence and illustrate how behavioral science can be a powerful tool for transformation and contribute to creating robust development solutions. Discuss the potential use of this science to increase the effectiveness of FAO actions.
  • SHARE: value and generate exchanges and reflections around outstanding and inspiring experiences of FAO teams in the region.
  • INNOVATE: learn about and dicurss the Partners’ view of areas in which FAO is innovating, and what is the key knowledge associated to those innovarions

Participants: All FAO teams in the LAC region and their partners are invited. FAO colleagues from headquarters and from other regions of the world will also participate.

Modality: The event will be held virtually through the Zoom Platform and will have simultaneous translation into Spanish, English and French.



Welcome remarks                  

  • Julio Berdegué. Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative, of FAO for Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Ismahane Elouafi (to be confirmed). FAO Chief Scientist

LEARN: Keynote address on the opportunities for innovation derived from advances in behavioral sciences.


SHARE: 5 parallel sessions in which FAO teams from around the region will share best practices and lessons learned (20 experiences in 5 sessions: "Better Production", "Better Nutrition", "Better Environment"; "Better Life"; "Better Support" ).


INNOVATE: Presentation of a study: Presentation of a report of a study commissioned by RLC on "Partners’ view of areas in which FAO is innovating, and what is the key knowledge associated to those innovarions".

Words of thanks and closing words

  • Julio Berdegué, Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative, of FAO for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Inspiring experiences of the 5 simultaneous sessions

Session 1: Better Production

PARAGUAY, ARGENTINA, BOLIVIA, ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, HAITI, PERU: +Cotton - Lazos Initiative #ConectateRural (Fernanda Scherer)

EL SALVADOR: Reclima - Innovative digital extension model in the dry corridor (Diego Recalde and Mónica Rivas Beltran).

REGIONAL: GeoKit - Geospatial Knowledge (Marygrace Balinos and Michael Rahija)

COLOMBIA: FAO INNOVA - Innovation in Beekeeping (Laura Vásquez)

  • Commentators: Eduardo Ramírez and Gusland McCook

Session 2: Better Nutrition

BRASIL: Prohort - Brazilian Horticultural Market Modernization Program (Marisson de Melo Marinho)

GUYANA: Sustainable Schools: Nutrition sensitive agriculture, the case of Guyana (Oleta Williams y Jorge González).

ARGENTINA: Municipalities without Waste (Ornella Calvete)

  • Commentators: Jairo Flores and Joao Intini

Session 3: Better Enviroment

ECUADOR: Conservation and sustainable use for good living in Napo (Kelvin Cueva)

CHILE: Training in biodiversity, from the program to the territory (Karina Crespo y Marcel Gonnet)

VENEZUELA: Tukupu - Kariña women guardians of the forests (Cecilia Rivas)

  • Commentators: Pieter VanLierop and George Jaksch

Session 4: Better Life

GUATEMALA: ChispaRural.gt - Digital platform (Berta Abrego y Christian López)

URUGUAY: National Gender Plan, a transformative public policy (Paula Florit)

HAITI: Empowerment of rural women (Marie Francois)

MEXICO: Closing Gaps - Social protection for women (Isaías Gómez)

  • Commentators:  Adoniram Sanches and Miriam Bruno

Session 5: Better Support

COLOMBIA: Office business intelligence system (Alfredo Bruges)

ECUADOR: Registration of payments and information for post-purchase VAT refund (Vanessa Cáceres)

GUYANA: Innovations in the FAO Office (Floyd Dalton y Seema Greene)

EL SALVADOR: Office welcome kit (Marcela Reyes y Erick Rosales)

  • Commentator: Martha Martínez