FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

Expert Forum: PAES for Latin America and the Caribbean

11-09-12 - 13-09-12

Experts in school nutrition from governments, universities and international organizations from Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Spain, Chile, Nicaragua, and Panama met at the FAO Regional Office from September 11-13, 2012, for the Expert Forum on Sustainable Food Programs in Latin America.

Objective: To provide the necessary inputs for the development of an applicable framework for the issue of Sustainable School Feeding Programs for the Region of Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Presentation of the Expert Forum: PAES for Latin America and the Caribbean

  1. School nutrition in Latin America and the Caribbean
  2. Project CGP/RLA/180/BRA
  3. Colombia 
  4. MDA - Brazil
  5. CONSEA - Brazil
  6. PMA - Brazil
  7. UFGO - Brazil
  8. Food Observatory-ODELA
  9. PAE in Chile
  10. WFP
  11. School Nutrition in Nicaragua

Articles by the experts in the forum:

  1. Albaneide Peixinho - FNDE
  2. Najla Veloso - Coordinator GCP/RLA/180/BRA
  3. Pedro Bavaresco - MDA
  4. Bárbara Atie - Food Observatory
  5. Lenny Munhoz - Sec. Education, Bogotá
  6. Jorge Ulisses - Consultant  GCP/RLA/180/BRA
  7. Daniel Balaban - PMA