Escritório Regional da FAO para a América Latina e o Caribe

Regional experts consultation on food loss and waste

Santiago, Chile..
08-10-14 - 10-10-14


FAO estimates that 6% of global food losses are in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Each year the Region loses or wastes about 15% of its food supplies.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has recognized the importance of coordinated actions with member countries to reduce food losses and waste, as a strategic aspect to improve food security and nutrition, in line with the commitment made at the XXXIII FAO Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Following these recommendations, and understanding the importance of creating opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and experience on this subject and its impacts in the fight against hunger, FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean is organizing a Regional Experts Consultation to develop a regional action plan to reduce food losses and waste, as a part of its further incorporation in food security and nutritional policies as well as strengthening the food system in the Region.

Decision makers, sectorial experts (food industry), representatives of public and private sectors, and different stakeholders in the food system in the Region will be invited to actively participate in this Consultation, which will be the first of its kind in LAC, so that we together advance in the solutions for this problem.


To stablish regional working areas for food losses and waste reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Expected results

  • Guidelines for food losses and waste assessment and implementation of reduction strategies
  • Proposal of a Regional Action Plan.
  • Establishment of the Experts Network on Food Losses and Waste.

To whom is it addressed?

This consultation invites Experts, such as technicians, researchers and government policy makers in the Region, as well as members of civil society, academia, food industry and other actors involved in the food system.


The Regional Consultation will be divided in three sections:

  1. Conceptual section, where experts will present evidence of food losses and waste in countries of the Region, as well as their impacts on the food system. This part will be developed with keynote speeches.
  2. Panel of national experiences on food losses and waste.
  3. Group Work Session and Plenary. Participants in groups divided by subject will propose a regional action plan. Plenary session: Conclusions and recommendations to be followed.


Day 1:

Day 2: