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6th Multi-stakeholder meeting (MSP) on sustainable livestock

20-06-16 - 23-06-16

Live Streaming

From 20 – 23 June 2016, Panama will be hosting the 6th multi-stakeholder partnership meeting (MSP) of the Global Agenda for sustainable livestock.

The Global Agenda provides an open and inclusive platform for dialogue and consensus building on global sustainability issues related to livestock.

The meeting will discuss the future of The Global Agenda and the role it plays in developing novel tools and better policies. The links between the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and livestock will be discussed and Action networks of the Global Agenda will provide knowledge and solution with regional and thematic focus.

The Global Agenda will further develop its ways of working and consolidate its governance. Finally, the meeting will highlight local and regional issues with the support of CATIE, including a field trip into the Panama Canal watershed.

Meeting objectives

  1. Advance an agenda that contributes to the Sustainable Development Objectives Goals
  2. Develop action networks based on knowledge aimed to improve local practice and policy change
  3. Promote diversity and different perspectives
  4. Identify the path to a more sustainable livestock


The 6th multi-stakeholder partnership (MSP) of the Global Agenda for sustainable livestock gathers more than 200 representatives from public and private sector, civil societies, international organizations from more than 50 countries across the world.

Expected outcomes

Action plan implementation focused on how livestock can contribute to the sustainable livestock supply chains thanks to the action networks accomplishments.

Solutions and projects to drive forward sustainable farming thanks to the action networks accomplishments

Agreement on governance processes: governance mechanisms; rules and procedures; designation of key positions; and relations with major organizations and processes. Commitments expressed by all partners to sustainable farming.

Support for partnerships involving: (i) financial resources, (ii) objectives and initiatives of regional, national or thematic entities interested parties , and (iii) new members.