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Webinar. 31.08.22

La celebración del AIPAA 2022 es un reconocimiento a la naturaleza tan variada de la pesca y la acuicultura artesanales, y a los muy diversos actores que participan en ella, así como a la importante contribución que ambas hacen a la seguridad alimentaria mundial, a la nutrición de las personas y a la consecución de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible.

Webinar and Dialogue. 25.08.22

The event is jointly organized by the FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, the Latin American Soil Alliance (ASLAC), Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and the Argentine Association of Producers in Direct Seeding (Aapresid).

Webinar. 18.08.22

The Healthy Life Course integrates the commitments of the Sustainable School Feeding Network (RAES, for its acronym in Spanish), implemented by the Government of Brazil with the support of FAO, to promote the development of capacities and the exchange of experiences among countries for the strengthening of school feeding programs in the region.

Webinar. 21.07.22

Objetivo: compartir experiencias, conocimientos e información pertinente al rol de las guías alimentarias en la transformación de los sistemas alimentarios para el logro de dietas saludables y una mejor nutrición.

Chile. 20.07.22 - 21.09.22

Since the end of 2021 and so far this year 2022, the world faces fertilizer scarcity, driven by a rise in prices, increasing by approximately 78% in this period. Prices of P and K fertilizers went from US$ 450 to US$ 1200 per ton; urea went from US$ 500 to over US$ 1000 (https://bit.ly/3N2BdHO). In addition, fertilizers are no longer available on the market, as many production factories, which were facing negative margins, stopped production; among other factors, due to the increase in the price of energy (https://bit.ly/3PMtkIp). Consequently, it is expected a reduction in fertilizer applications that will reduce yields and the quality of food production (https://bit.ly/3PMtkIp). Additionally, phenomena related to climate change and land degradation, worsen the future outlook for the Latin America and Caribbean region. Based on this situation, the Soil CoP-of LAC proposed to address the issue by first laying out the current situation of soil fertility and plant nutrition in the region (Dialogue 1), what alternatives are available for sustainable soil fertility management (Dialogue 2), and what policies are being implemented in the region to promote and scale up these alternatives (Dialogue 3).

Webinar. 07.07.22

Price increases always have implications for food security, in particular for people living in poverty and for vulnerable population groups and those living in lagging territories. The crisis represents a food security challenge for many countries, and especially for low-income countries that depend on food imports.

Webinar. 29.06.22

En ese contexto, este 29 de junio de 2022 se realizará la VI Sesión Parlamentaria Hambre Cero, la que estará enfocada en crear conciencia sobre este problema, socializarlo en las agendas legislativas iberoamericanas e impulsar acciones concretas de solución.

Chile. 22.06.22

1000 Digital Villages for Latin America and the Caribbean is focused on supporting the digital transformation of rural areas, representing a strategic opportunity to bring together those who share common interests and seek a space for connection. This initiative is the beginning of a process that will allow progress towards better forms of production and exchange in the vast and dynamic rural areas of the region.

Webinar. 20.06.22

The launch will include a panel of technical experts from 3 countries in Latin American, where the main conclusions and recommendations of the report will be presented and the challenges and opportunities for improvement will be discussed.

Webinar. 17.06.22

Esta reunión es parte del Plan de trabajo del Comité en América del Sur, está presidida por Perú con el apoyo de Brasil y Chile, teniendo asistencia de la FAO.

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