FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

Systematization of good practices in Latin America and the Caribbean

This systematization makes a portfolio of FAO good practices available to national and territorial governments, donors, the private sector, civil society, academia and the FAO teams themselves in order to share and make them visible, promote its scaling up or replication and mobilizing resources for its financing. It makes available systematizations of experiences in different dimensions such as: food security and access to basic services, economic development initiatives, sustainable agriculture, gender approach, among others. These initiatives are expected to be examples to improve FAO's work and to generate alliances with strategir partners.

Empowering rural women in Haiti: a step forward
Empowering rural women in Haiti: a step forward
Tab 1
Saving lives through early action. Food security and social cohesion in La Guajira, on the front line of the migration and extreme drought crisis.
Tab 2
Harvesting water, sowing resilience. The rural community of El Guarumal in El Salvador’s dry corridor.
Tab 3
A people-centered approach to territorial development. Peace through cooperative initiatives, the experience of Colombia’s rural municipality of Caldono.
Tab 4
Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and natural resources for community well-being The example of Ecuador’s Napo Province.
Tab 5
Financial inclusion in rural territories. The Development Financing Center of the MANORCHO inter-communal association in Honduras: An innovative credit model.
Tab 6
Free, Prior and Informed Consent. A successful process of dialogue and co-decision-making with and for Panama’s indigenous peoples.
Tab 7
The contribution of public investment in the agricultural sector to economic growth and rural poverty reduction. A high-level dialogue in Nicaragua based on a prospective analysis.
Tab 8
Better marketing opportunities for family farming and small-scale agriculture firms. Costa Rica’s Institutional Food Supply Program, a public initiative to promote local food production systems.
Tab 9
Safer and more sustainable capture techniques. Lobster fishing on Nicaragua’s North Caribbean Coast.
Tab 10
Climate smart livestock production in Ecuador. A strategic partnership between FAO and the private sector

Achieving SDGs around the globe - country good practices

FAO Representatives from across the region are sharing good practices that are being implemented in their countries, with a view to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular SDGs 1 (No poverty), 2 (No hunger) and 10 ( Reduction of inequalities). To see good practices from other regions of the world, click here.