FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

Mesoamerican Committee

Alejandro Flores-Nava, FAO Technical Secretary

The Mesoamerican Committee, established in February 2021, is constituted by the National Fisheries Authorities and represented by the Organization of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Sectors of the Central American Isthmus, the Confederation of Artisanal Fisherfolk of Central America, the Indigenous Fisherfolk Alliance, and a number of small- scale aquaculture organizations of the subregion.

The Agreed Plan of Action of the Mesoamerican Committee has three main objectives: (i) enhancing the inclusion of small-scale fisheries/small-scale aquaculture in national social protection systems; (ii) strengthening partnerships and networking among small-scale fisheries/ small-scale aquaculture; and (iii) organizing a subregional forum for sharing information and experiences among small-scale fisheries and small-scale aquaculture.

Activities of the Mesoamerican Committee




A Mesoamerican forum on social protection and decent work conditions in small- scale fisheries/small-scale aquaculture will be organized. It aims at generating policy recommendations for the inclusion of these producers in national social protection systems.


A virtual meeting of the Committee with all small-scale aquaculture associations of the subregion will promote the creation of the Mesoamerican Network of Small-scale Aquaculture.


Joint webinar with the South American Committee to provide capacity building on key topics of interest and relevance for small-scale fishers and fish farmers.