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Rural Women Campaign

Meet the campaign #MujeresRurales 2019

The campaign is within the framework of the Sustainble Development Goals (SDG) and is based on the reflections of the Conference on Rural Women in Latin America and the Caribbean (Brasilia, 2014) and the XIII Regional Conference on Women (Montevideo, 2016), as in the experience of two previous campaigns regarding the empowerment of rural women and their communities.


  1. Feature the current situation of rural women in social media in Latin America and the Caribbean, emphasizing their rights and potential towards accomplishing the SDG.
  2. Exchange and share experiences, policies, innovations, strategies and actions oriented towards strengthening the role of rural women.
  3. Join forces with national and international organizations, government bodies, intra-regional spaces of political dialogues and civil society linked with the empowerment of rural women.
  4. Make the information generated accessible to the organizations that work directly with rural women.
  5. Generate a mechanism of expression and positioning to give a voice to rural women and their communities.


Within the framework of the SDG, the Campaign will highlight experiences, policies, innovations, strategies and statistics that show the advances, challenges and opportunities for the participation of rural women in the sustainable development in the rural sector.

To facilitate the participation of all those committed to the subject, the Campaign will have a material kit that will offer the possibility of making adaptations to the reality of each country.

The content of the Campaign will be shared in digital media and social networks through the hashtag #RuralWomen (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr), through the collaboration and joining of organizing institutions and any other organization committed to the subject.


The Campaign begins in March and ends in November, 2017, and will focus its efforts on three milestone commemorative days:

  • March 8th
    International Women´s Day - Launch
  • October 15th
    International Day of Rural Women - Activism in social media
  • November 25th
    International Day to End Violence Against Women and Girls - Join the global campaign
Mujeres rurales en América Latina y el Caribe