FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

FAO-FLAMA Newsletters - Wholesale markets: Action against COVID-19

Bulletin N° 7
Bulletin N° 7- Circular Economy and post-pandemic recovery
Bulletin N° 6
Bulletin N° 6 - International Year of Fruits and Vegetables, wholesale markets and commercial practices and short food supply chains
Bulletin N° 5
Bulletin N° 5 - Main measures to motivate the increase of virtual transactions, reduction of risk of contamination; Main difficulties for the process of electronic purchase and sale of products
Bulletin N° 4
Bulletin N° 4 - Market Information Systems in the region, impact of COVID-19 on trading volumes, sources and investment priorities to face the pandemic.
Bulletin N° 3
Bulletin N° 3 - New forms of marketing, main bottlenecks during the pandemic, surplus management and the social role of wholesale markets.
Bulletin N° 2
Bulletin N° 2 - Actions and solutions generated to face COVID - 19, main prevention measures to FLW and new forms of marketing.
Bulletin N° 1
Bulletin N° 1 - Main measures and recommendations for the prevention of COVID - 19 in wholesale markets

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